VCDI provides services to consumers in the macro-areas of Self-Advocacy, Community Integration and, the paramount focus of service provision, Employment Training, in the form of Vocational Preparedness, Vocational Acquisition, and Vocational Maintenance.


In keeping with its innovative view of the importance of consumer employment, VCDI seeks to maintain an “Employment First” strategy with relation to all of the services provided by the program. Therefore, it should be noted, though some objectives in areas other than Vocational Training may be indicated and assigned, all trainings are provided by VCDI Vocational Support Mentors in a manner that: first, imparts the skill targeted in the assigned objective; and second, relates that skill in some manner to vocational preparedness, acquisition, and/or maintenance. VCDI does not relegate important behavior management, self advocacy, and community integrative skill sets behind employment training, rather provides services in all areas and then seeks to relate those skills to employment to enhance the skills’ relevance to VCDI Consumers.


Additionally, VCDI’s provision of behavior management services, when indicated due to behaviors presenting as barriers to potential employment, and agreed upon by the ID Team, accentuate replacement skills for the behaviors identified as barriers, while growing self advocacy and suitable problem solving methods. Treatment offered is non-aversive, free from harm in an effort to uphold the dignity and respect of the consumer.