Vocational Coaching and Development Institute, Inc. (VCDI), is a Community Integration Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities or dual-diagnosed individuals (Mental Health and Developmentally Disabled), who receive services from Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) within Stanislaus County.

VCDI focuses on providing:
- micro-enterprise entrepreneurialism development and support
- vocational support and placement services
- community integration services
- behavioral support services


VCDI provides services to consumers in the macro-areas of Self-Advocacy, Community Integration and, the paramount focus of service provision, Employment Training, in the form of Vocational Preparedness, Vocational Acquisition, and Vocational Maintenance.


The emphasis of Self Advocacy instruction is to heighten the consumer’s capacity to make informed choices and to increase his/her ability to properly and effectively communicate needs and wants. The consumer will be engaged in interactions designed to mirror the patterns of communication of individuals without developmental disabilities.


The purpose of Community Integration training at VCDI is to increase a consumer’s ability to independently access natural supports and services in the community, as it relates to VCDI’s stated purpose of attempting to guide the willing individual in the accomplishment of their personal goals relating to independence and success as citizens. VCDI seeks to assist the consumer in gaining experience at activities in the community that are enjoyed by individuals without developmental disabilities. It is anticipated that the acquisition and mastery of these skill sets will integrate into VCDI’s various vocational skill sets, as independence and ability to navigate in the community is of high importance in relation to employment. These supports include, but are not limited to, community service agencies, supports groups, places for continued education, volunteer sites, and community recreation and leisure activities and centers.
Additionally, in an effort to assist individuals in our program with full integration into the community, VCDI offers other skill trainings with services including, but not limited to:


- Budgeting
- Bill Payment/Rent
- Laundering
- Hygiene
- Sleep Hygiene
- Meal Planning/Nutrition
- Grocery Shopping



The employment area of training at VCDI is not designed to solely be a vocational program for the consumers it serves, rather the major focus of day programming. The ultimate goals for consumers who are employed are to maintain a high level of community independence and integration, thereby ensuring a steady job independent of VCDI Programming.